MXP at Tillberg Webinar – Behind the Scenes – Safety on All Levels

Last Thursday, 25.6.2020, Hannes Lindthaler, CEO of MarineXchange, was a panelist at the Tillberg Webinar on the topic “Behind the Scenes - Safety on all Levels”.

Next to Julian Hughes from V-Ships and Edie Rodriguez, consultant for Cruise and Hospitality, Hannes Lindthaler gave exclusive insights into the developments in the cruise industry and how the industry will change due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on the cruise industry. Currently, the big question is when and how cruise ships can set sail again. Cruise companies are intensively looking for solutions to welcome guests back on board as soon as possible while ensuring safety on board for everyone. The big challenges? Negative press, high costs for the implementation of new systems and the requirement to give guests the feeling of holiday, luxury, and safety on board despite all the new safety regulations.

In the scope of the webinar, the experts discussed some of the key measures to be taken to meet these challenges. One of the most important considerations is certainly raising the awareness and training of staff to comply with the new measures on board and to react correctly and efficiently if necessary.

Even before boarding the ship, guests and crew members need be tested for abnormalities such as increased temperature. If a person is infected, they must not board the ship. If an infection occurs on board, immediate measures must be taken and the person concerned needs to be isolated immediately.

Through advanced capacity planning, mandatory reservations and longer opening hours of the restaurants and shops on board, large crowds of people and queues on the ship can be avoided and workloads better managed.

Technical aids such as visibly positioned face scanners with temperature measurements can also actively contribute to increasing the feeling of safety amongst guests and crew members.

While some people might shy away from these new measures and may decide against going on a cruise in the coming months, the experts are convinced that others are eagerly anticipating the possibility of enjoying a cruise again. Furthermore, the acceptance towards taken measures and new technologies will increase in general, as these are currently being promoted in almost all facilities and places on shore.

Although many see the final solution in a vaccination against COVID-19, the experts recommend focusing on the following critical changes listed below.

  • New technologies, processes and procedures that can be adapted quickly
  • Implementation of advanced capacity control
  • Prevention of infected people from boarding a vessel
  • Continuous screening and early detection of infections and rapid reaction
  • Isolation of infected but asymptomatic persons at boarding
  • Comprehensive training of the crew, ideally before going on board

All in all, the experts agree, COVID-19 has had a lasting influence on the cruise industry. A negative influence? Not at all, because all measures have essentially one goal: To make the ships for guests and crew safer than ever before. Right now, it is important to find solutions and to be open to innovation, prepare well for the “new normality” and actively communicate any changes to guests in advance so they know what to expect.

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