MXP Modules


Complete itinerary suite with time zone integration, multi-routes, fuel calculation & much more

MXP Itinerary Management​

Reduce the number of interfaces with our Itinerary Management Module and enjoy full integration with all other MXP modules. Navigation Defaults and  Distance Matrix assist Itinerary Planners, facilitate the creation of repeated cruises. Centralized data is of course available to all installations. 

Your Benefits

  • Full itinerary management

  • Integration to time zones, day light saving times, preferred tour times, events

  • Multi-routes and waypoints

  • Defaults by vessel class

  • Exception alerts

  • Fuel calculation based on fuel curve and fuel types

  • Auto-notifications of changes and summaries

  • Fully integrated to all other MXP modules, integration to web site and 3rd party systems possible

  • ... and many more

Take your software to a whole new level