MXP Modules


Manage recruitment, human resources and crew payroll all in one module.

MXP HR Management - Don't leave HR up to chance

The Human Resource module is the employee master software that is the backbone for all employee modules. Providing complete cycle of employee management, all personal data, certification requirements, warnings, appraisals, etc. It also functions as control tool to easily overview if all joining requirements are met.

Centralized data access and data exchange throughout all installations, complex merge replication logic as employee data can be accessed on all installations

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Offering full enterprise for employee management including all functions and tools required to onboard and process employees

  • Developed and specialized for the specific needs for shipping industry

  • Centralize database and all employee information available on all remote installations, supporting update on different databases at the same time for same employee

  • Cost saving on Human Resources personnel due to several auto and batch functions available

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