MarineXchange - World's Leading Enterprise Software Supplier for the Cruise Industry

MarineXchange is the provider of MXP, the only fully integrated enterprise platform for the cruise industry. MXP offers a comprehensive range of cruise-specific applications and advanced technologies to help cruise lines streamline their operations, improve the guest experience, and maximize revenue.

Because of its integrated approach and its focus on great customer service, MXP has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for cruise lines around the world and has become the go-to solution for more than 50 cruise and hospitality brands with over 300 ships.

Restaurant payroll savings every year*
1 Million
Food cost savings every year*
1 Million
Bar payroll savings & more revenue every year*
1 Million

*Calculated on the basis of a cruise line with a fleet of 10 ships with 3,000 passengers each

MXP is used by over 50 cruise and hospitality brands on more than 370 installations: