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Our Clearance Management Module provides reports, manifests and documents required for ship’s easy arrival to the port and departure from the port. It is part of the fully integrated Property Management System (PMS) and displays data from Guest & Employee maintenance.

Their accuracy and provided data and format should meet local port requirements and regulations. They are used as well for internal purposes and can be retrieved at both onboard the ship and at the office from historical, current or future data. We feature them in various formats (pdf, txt, xls, csv) and with reports filtering options giving the user a tool to create required report or manifest.

In addition, we feature reports and manifest to print on actual integrated government formats or to print the required data at set fields on government pre-printed formats (e.g. USA clearance forms). We follow the regulations and work closely with our clients and updating the reports and formats as soon as new changes occur.

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Your Benefits

  • Easy-to-use reporting of the ship’s arrival and/or departure information in order to comply with international immigration regulations

  • Notices conform to all requirements such as transfer format (XML, comma separated values, Excel) and submission (web based or e-mail)

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