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MXP Property Management System - The first enterprise PMS in the cruise industry

Today cruise ships need a feature rich, easy to use, and fully integrated Property Management System (PMS). The MXP PMS has been newly designed from the ground-up in order to meet those requirements.

Because the MXP PMS is fully integrated with the MXP port, MXP itinerary and MXP HR modules, no additional interfaces are required for those areas and changes automatically prorogate to PMS. The entire MXP PMS system is configured and maintained at the office. For example, there is no need to train all Chief Pursers and System Managers on how to manually add account codes.

All accounting data replicates from the ships to the Head Office and vice versa. This provides the office with inquiry, reporting, analysis and comparison capabilities, and allows to automate end-of-cruise accounting with interfaces and consolidation reports.

If you already use other MXP modules, you can leverage your existing investment of MXP knowledge, infrastructure and interfaces.

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Thanks to historical guest data returning guest can receive enhanced personalized service

  • Full support of group functionality

  • Personal and financial guest data captured on board replicates back to the office and can be interfaced to the reservation, CRM and financial systems.

  • Everyday tasks are streamlined by providing automated jobs or batch functions. This increases overall efficiency, allowing more time to be spent on customer service

  • ... and many more

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