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Recruitment Portal

The Recruitment Portal functions as a weblink from the companies website for job offers. This navigates the potential applicant to the MXP Recruitment portal where job offers and job descriptions are being displayed and applicant can apply for.

Applicant has to fill in all information that is set ‘as required’ by the company in order to submit the application. At this point company receives the application in their Recruitment Portal Office view.

MXP offers various statuses from reviewing an application to invite for interview, offer made, offer accepted/declines. Updating the application to status ‘Recruitment Pool’ will create an employees profile in MXP database, showing as new hire for the applied position.

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Simple configuration setup for opening positions on the web for applicants

  • Flexibility: Own customization with built in configuration table to define the tabs/fields to show, hide and set as required

  • Time saving and reduction key in mistakes as entered data of applicant is being used to automatically create employees profile once validated and hired

  • Full tracking of messages exchanged between applicant, recruiter and/or office user due to integrated message function stored on applicants profile

  • Eliminate manual processes

  • Minimizes costs for Recruitment personnel

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