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Manage recruitment, human resources and crew payroll all in one module.

MXP HR Scheduling

Scheduling of employees is a complex and time consuming tasks, especially for shipping industry due to its nature of rotations and various below listed criteria’s. MXP scheduling software is supporting and assisting the user to find the best candidate to schedule for an open position slot:

  • Different contract and vacation length based on contract and nationality
  • Senior Management (4/2 and 3/3), Management (4/2) or Employee (6/2 and 9/3) status usually defines different contract and vacation lengths, can vary between clients
  • Short notice cancelations, no shows, sickness, accidents
  • Certification and medical requirements for employees to be able to join
  • Nautical & Technical certification requirements for Nautical/Engine team
  • Port restrictions for certain nationalities or denial to exchange employees on specific days of the week
  • High volume of employees needed when new ship is being added to fleet

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Featuring 3 different methods of scheduling

  • Developed and specialized for the specific needs of the shipping industry, including complex logic for passport, nationality, certificate requirements

  • Easy tracking and safe guards to see employees status and preferences

  • Overviewing screen display to easily check on manning and auto notification reporting for open slots to ensure full manning on all installations at all times

  • Cost saving on Human Resources personnel due to efficient scheduling process

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