About MXP

The MXP Enterprise Platform - Take your guest services and revenues to the next level

The only fully integrated Guest Experience Platform was designed exclusively for the unique needs of the cruise industry. With its unparalleled range of purpose-built solutions, APIs, AI sales recommendations, and a guest self-service AI chatbot, MXP offers a one-stop platform to manage the entire customer journey, from pre-cruise sales/check-in/data enrichment to all onboard activities and post-cruise data analysis.

The largest number of mobile applications streamline all shipboard processes, improve the guest experience, increase operational efficiency, and maximize revenues. The use of the latest technologies and innovative features, combined with the best TCO, have made MXP the go-to solution for more than 50 cruise brands.

The MXP Enterprise Platform ensures processes, business rules, and revenue management are consistent and optimized throughout the organization (office, ships, warehouses, e-commerce, guests, employees, and vendors). It is available as a stand-alone solution and allows full data synchronization across all installations, access to all data for BI/data analysis, data enrichment, and AI, as well as integration with other systems via APIs.

The MXP Enterprise Platform offers cruise lines a one-stop solution for the entire customer journey, delivering a complete and enriched experience at every touchpoint.

Restaurant payroll savings every year*
1 Million
Food cost savings every year*
1 Million
Bar payroll savings & more revenue every year*
1 Million

*Calculated on the basis of a cruise line with a fleet of 10 ships with 3,000 passengers each

Your Benefits

  • Consolidate all your data and processes in a single platform

  • Auto-generate highest-quality cruise-specific AI data pre-cruise and onboard

  • Meaningful sales and activity recommendations using an integrated AI engine

  • Cloud-enabled, including on-premise cloud for the ships, to accelerate your digital transformation

  • Consistent package, discount and business rules across the entire customer journey

  • All data synchronized in near real-time between office and ships

  • Complete portfolio of mature and feature-rich best-in-class modules

  • Fully integrated with MXP nautical and destination office and ship modules

  • Optimize your operations with the industry leader in mobile solutions

MXP Cruise Lines

More than 50 cruise brands have chosen MXP as their go-to solution. With MXP, cruise lines benefit from the mature, full-featured web and purpose-built mobile tools providing their guests with the ultimate experience pre-cruise, onboard, and post-cruise.