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MXP - Take your guest services and revenues to the next level

MarineXchange MXP is the first enterprise software suite for the cruise industry which helps cruise operators to provide a superior guest experience, increase revenues and streamline operations. It provides powerful tools to better manage cruise-ship operations and increases efficiency through wizards, batch processing, ship participation and e-commerce integration. 

The administration for all installations (ships, warehouses, hotels, out islands) is done from the office and changes are merge replicated daily.  MXP provides a “best practices” approach and is fully SOX compliant. Through interfaces, MXP data flows to other systems like the company website, reservations, financial systems, or data warehouses.

Manage all guest and crew data in real time with best-in-class software in a fully integrated environment. Automatic data distribution between the ships and the office provides an unprecedented degree of insight.

Take your guest services and revenues to the next level with a full suite of mobile application takes.

1 Million
Restaurant payroll savings every year*
1 Million
Food cost savings every year*
1 Million
Bar payroll savings & more revenue every year*

*Calculated on the basis of a cruise line with a fleet of 10 ships with 3,000 passengers each

MXP is used by over 30 ocean, river and expeditions cruise lines on more than 300 installations:

Your Benefits

  • Collect, retain and share data across the entire organization

  • Collaborate with offices, ships and vendors

  • Automate and optimize processes

  • Pro-active decision making

  • Financial control

  • Single source data entry

  • Error reduction

  • Centralized management

Take your software to a whole new level

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