MXP Modules


Faster service, accurate orders and selling that second drink


MXP365 POS provides a complete, fully integrated, flexible, device independent enterprise managed solution on fixed and mobile device that supports operations of all types and sizes – from a single restaurant to a whole cruise line that operates and manages thousands of devices and locations all over the world.

We offer a complete set of web-based reporting and analytics to drive every business, locally at the location and centralized for the entire enterprise to make profound decisions and get all the valuable information you need. Fasten up the service, increase the accuracy and empower your staff to perform at the highest efficiency and spend more time with your guest or sell that second drink.

Reduce training effort by using our intuitive software that includes automated up-sell functionality and is developed by people working in your industry for years. With our superior package functionality, you can provide a wide set of loyalty programs, package handling and special offers to your customers that can be configured to your needs. This can be based on different variables like location, daytime, room type, VIP status and other.

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Faster service, accurate orders and selling that second drink

  • Increased revenue with suggestive selling, up-selling and cross-selling capabilities

  • No more traditional terminals needed (more space for merchandise)

  • Guest photo to confirm identity and on-screen signature capabilities

  • Fully integrated with our waiter order system

  • Handle happy hours and item availability directly from the mobile device

All our applications are device independent and you can choose the hardware that fits your needs, regardless if it needs to be extra small to fit in every pocket or super robust to survive even the hardest environment and circumstances.

We use up to date technology like BLE, Kafka and latest RFID standard. MXP POS also provides some offline compatibilities, so the show can go on in case you experience a network drop. All tax scenarios are covered and the entire tax region can be changed with a simple click.

Happy Hour as well as item availability can be prescheduled or changed on the fly in case you want to react on the current situation in one of your outlets.

Take your software to a whole new level