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MXP Luggage Tracking

Used for the process of luggage scanning and tracking purposes on embarkation day.

Eliminate waste up to 80% confirmed against current cruise processes – the luggage being scanned from the bus drop off to the guest room allows end users to easily identify the luggage’s location (if it’s kept for security reasons in the terminal, if it’s still at the conveyer belt, or at the elevators).

The information is visible on MXP, mPMS, mHousekeeping and Luggage Tracking. The guest may approach any staff from housekeeping to guest services and they will have an answer of the luggage location. Room changes are also identified which decreased the misplaced luggage to wrong staterooms by 80%.

Unassigned Rooms on luggage tracking tag are identified and can be associated with guests within the app this resulting in not holding the luggage in a safe area until luggage gets identified.

Top Features

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  • Scanning Tags pointing the scanner towards the RFID's of luggage tags

  • 100 pieces of luggage tags can be scanned within few seconds

  • Unknown luggage tags (GTY tags) are identified and can be associated with a guest

  • Room Changes are listed automatically in yellow in the app

  • The app will display a count of luggage that was scanned at some point

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