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MXP Mobile Check-in App

Mobile Check-in assists with expedite check-in service for ship guests.

Increase guest satisfaction through faster service during check-in at airport, hotels, buses, terminals and on-board ships. Speed of crowd management and general guest management with a plus on guest service – decrease the check-in lines especially when overland pre-cruise tours arrive at the ship. Check-in process reduced from 8 m+, to max 1 to 2 minutes per guest. Being able to know, on the spot, which guest requires special assistance, if guests are VIP’s, as well as if their room is cleaned and available, personal messages from front office.

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Mobile check-In app addresses the unique requirements of the cruise industry

  • Centralized management with full data synchronization between office and ships

  • Mobile devices support macOS, iOS, Android and Windows hardware

  • Automatic offline and on-line mode

  • Uses the device build-in camera and NFC for passport and credit card reading, or uses dedicated hardware when available

  • Seamless tokenization of credit card

  • Report can be used to examine peak check-in times

Cruise Software Mobile Check-In Software Solution for the Cruise Industry

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