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MXP Mobile eMustering

Onboard Safety application – tracking and reporting in real time, the attendance of both guests and employees during real emergences and/or weekly safety drills.

Speed up process and increase accuracy of real time data during the mustering safety activity, replacing the pen and paper when guests and crew are mustered. Decrease the lines at the emergency stations once announcement is done. The Captain and Officers are able to oversee from the bridge the mustering processes live by viewing the Summary’s app using the Ship’s Layout or Pie Graph.

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Make the mustering process quick and efficient keeping the headcount time for souls on board to a minimum during a safety drill exercise or in a real emergency

  • Scan the key/ID cards or manually select the person’s name

  • High flexibility and customizability

  • The muster details for the selected person will be displayed including the guest photo

  • Multiple views provided

eMustering Mobile Software Solution for the Cruise Industry

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