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Manage recruitment, human resources and crew payroll all in one module.

MXP Contract Day’s Management

Contract Day’s Management was developed specifically for River cruise ship operation to track contracts and work/vacation categories on a single day base. The logic is based on employees contract(s) and sign on/off records. River employees in comparison to Ocean employees have in general one seasonal contract (March to November) and shorter assignments with more often vacation, for example 4 weeks onboard, 4 weeks vacation.

This data is being used to calculate the monthly and end of contract employees payroll.

It also calculated the vacation and compensation days as per contract and assigned installations, as well as accumulated overtime with actual work time data from T&A module.

In addition it provides the users at anytime the overview of each employees vacation, compensation day and overtime balance.

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Unique module in the cruise industry, no other software provider offering this module

  • Developed and specialized for the specific needs for river cruise industry, could be as well used for Corporate employees and for 12 month contracted Ocean employees

  • Easy and full screen data overview for selected installation(s) and date range for all employees associated with color indication for each category

  • Centralize database and all employee schedules, contract, CDM data available on remote installations, supporting update on different databases at the same time for same employee. Direct merge replication feature for CDM and scheduling data

  • Cost saving on Payroll personnel due to distributed work to remote installations, easy and full controllable overview

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