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Waiter Order & Meal Count​

Take correct orders, speed up service and lower your foodcost

MXP Waiter Order & Meal Count

The MXP Mobile Waiter Order/Mealcount application is dining excellence app that not only improves the dining experience of the guest but ensures the culinary operation know exactly what orders are being placed in real time to keep food costs on budget and food wastage & over production a thing of the past.

Guest Allergen & Special diet requirements are captured directly to the Waiter’s device while clear and concise printed electronic tickets ensure all dish alterations are not missed. Place orders effectively without missing specific dish details especially Allergen information. In addition, information is provided to the user that a dish may contain an ingredient that the guest has an Allergen in the same category.

The Meal Count application displays real-time dish order quantities as soon as they’re selected in the restaurant. By providing immediate visibility to the kitchen, it helps accurately gauge preparation needs, thus minimizing overproduction and reducing waste.

Your Benefits

  • Enterprise solution with centralized management

  • Food Cost savings due to accurate dish consumption figures per meal

  • Fully mobile with location roaming

  • Flexible order management controls to suit all environments

  • Ability to place orders from multiple venues & menus

  • Works without an internet connection

  • Better forecasting of production periods with better analysis records

  • Wine pairing/suggestions to compliment the dish

  • ... and many more

Take your software to a whole new level