MXP Modules


Manage recruitment, human resources and crew payroll all in one module.

Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance module operates in MXP application for scheduling, adding activities, reviewing and updating actuals, sending messages, reviewing and approving overtime and reporting.

The web based tool are for the employees for various purposes:

  • Viewing the personal schedule and assigned activities (like drills, trainings, meetings, etc.)
  • Displaying on which dates employee has in port manning
  • Recording the actual work hours, where MXP offers 3 different settings: 1. Real time clock in/out 2. Confirm work schedules 3. Confirm work day.
  • Receiving messages
  • Self-service function to review and email actual work hours for any filtered date range within the current assignment

Optimize employees schedules, avoid violations and have automated overtime calculation being posted to payroll.

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Shared functionality within various departments

  • Minimal configuration setup required to use Time & Attendance functionality

  • Audit compliance and avoid violations with integrated ILO / MLC 2006 rules

  • Scheduler screen in cooperates view to avoid violations and to ensure to make best possible work schedules

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