MXP cruise-specific AI solutions to enhance the guest experience

MarineXchange is at the forefront of cruise-specific artificial intelligence solutions, dedicating substantial resources over the past three years. Unlike generic off-the-shelf solutions, the MXP Enterprise Platform provides high-quality, cruise-specific data to achieve the most suitable AI results.

Aneta Ivanovska, Ph.D., Director of Artificial Intelligence at MarineXchange, emphasizes the significance of the specialized approach: “Leveraging several years of AI development in collaboration with researchers from the prominent research institute Know Center, we’re bridging the gap between the vast amounts of sector-specific data and the manifold demands of the cruise industry. The MXP Enterprise Platform enables customer tailored solutions like enhanced supply chain forecasting, meaningful guest sales recommendations and a smart self-service chatbot, setting a new standard for personalized guest experiences and operational efficiency.”

“Using AI-powered sales recommendations and AI self-service features in the MXP365 guest mobile app opens an entire new level of guest service, revenue opportunities and efficiency gains for our clients” states Johannes Lindthaler, Managing Director of MarineXchange.

The fully integrated MXP enterprise platform is the most widely used software in the cruise industry. MarineXchange is the leader in cruise-specific AI solutions and mobile applications. The MXP Enterprise Platform offers a complete suite of cruise-specific solutions and enables cruise lines to streamline their operations, enhance the guest experience, and maximize revenues. MarineXchange is a trusted partner for cruise lines around the world and has become the go-to solution for more than 54 cruise and hospitality brands with over 385 installations.

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