MarineXchange enhances its enterprise platform with MXP Protect to fight COVID-19

MarineXchange, the only provider of a cruise specific enterprise software platform, launches MXP Protect to assist cruise lines in these challenging times.

MXP Protect is an array of important new features and hardware, that seamlessly integrate in the MXP application platform or can be used as standalone application. MXP Protect allows cruise companies to implement controlled processes across critical areas of shipboard operation and to ensure the safety of all onboard.

The following features will be available:

MXP Mobile Security and Gangway App: Thermal scanner with facial recognition technology
MXP Mobile Check-In App: Port specific health questionnaires and health certificate collection
MXP PMS: Management of medical and health documents
MXP Mobile Housekeeping App: Quarantined cabin management and logging of cleaning/sanitization of cabins and public areas
MXP Digital Menus: A part of the MXP mobile POS solution, this self-service app allows guests to place orders for in-cabin delivery
MXP HR: Manage pre-existing conditions, improve scheduling and consider travel restrictions
MXP eLearning: Teach crew about new procedures (even before they come back on board)
MXP Mobile Time & Attendance: Thermal scanner with facial recognition technology and continuous health checks of crew members
MXP Mobile Restaurant Reservation/Seating App: Control capacities to prevent overcrowding
MXP Itinerary management: Optimize itineraries with port specific safety procedures and alerts
MXP Supply Chain: Ensures all essential items are always on board in the required quantities
MXP Localization: Bluetooth data exchange between guest mobile phones using the guest app and integration with the ship’s access points. Analysis/management of contact tracing data.

Advanced thermal scanner hardware with face recognition technology can be used in the terminal, at the security checkpoint, during check-in, at the gangway or at strategic locations around the ship. Data is continuously synchronized, and alerts are triggered. Those scanners will be fully integrated with the various MXP mobile applications and can also function in the terminal without ship Wi-Fi.

“The health of guests and crew is of utmost importance. The new functionality comes as free upgrade for all existing clients and the cost of licenses will be deferred until next year for new clients”, says Hannes Lindthaler, Managing Director of MarineXchange Software.

About MarineXchange

With MXP365, MarineXchange offers the only enterprise software platform for the cruise industry. MXP365 provides a complete portfolio of mature and powerful tools to better manage all aspects of cruise-ship operations at the office and onboard ships. This includes the management of guests and crew, all pre-cruise and onboard sales, supply chain, HR/payroll, restaurant and culinary operation, spa, destination management, and the largest offering of mobile applications specifically designed for the cruise industry. A fully integrated environment eliminates interfaces and allows the consolidation of business rules. A team of seasoned veterans looks after 33 cruise lines with more than 300 ships.

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