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Manage recruitment, human resources and crew payroll all in one module.

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MXP Recruitment Agency Portal

This modules allows to enable for Recruitment (Manning) Agencies sharing predefined employee information and allow updates of specific employee data. This eliminated the majority of email communication and allows to have one centralized database, avoiding multiple entries of employee data in different places.

All active employees are displayed in the Recruitment Agency portal, Recruitment Agency can only view and update their assigned employees, while Office users can view all employees. The information displayed and editable depending on the configuration settings are personal details, addresses, passport, visas, certificates/courses, uniforms, bank accounts, contracts, payslips, flights, documents, letters, expenses, assignments, availability and preferences.

Top Features

Your Benefits

  • Centralized overview: All active employees profile can be maintained in Recruitment Agency Portal

  • Gain efficiency and reduce workload: Live data, Recruitment Agencies are viewing latest current data

  • High flexibility and customizability

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