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MarineXchange appoints Vice President of Business Development | Friday 16. December 2011

Miami, Fla. - MarineXchange, the market leader for cruise enterprise software solutions, today announced the appointment of Ben Wolber as vice president of business development. Wolber is based in Miami and will serve as a key member of the executive team.

Wolber joined MarineXchange from Prestige Cruise Holdings (the parent corporation of Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises), where he was vice president of fleet purchasing and logistics.   Previously he held other senior management positions both onboard and shore side.

“The entire management team of MXP consists of seasoned cruise professionals”, said Hannes Lindthaler, CEO and founder of MXP. “Ben’s vast experience and expertise make him a great addition to the MXP team.”

MXP is the only enterprise software suite for the cruise industry, providing powerful tools to better manage cruise-ship operations. Being a fully integrated system, MXP optimizes process across the entire organization, including ships and warehouses.

The advanced MXP e-commerce solutions are the core component of the software and have an unprecedented 99 percent vendor participation.

“Best practices, SOX compliance and key performance indicators provide management with a complete tool system”, added Wolber. “Especially during challenging economic times, operators are looking for operational savings. MXP creates efficiencies and has a direct impact on the bottom line.”

For more than a decade cruise companies have benefited from using MXP. By the spring of 2012, the software will be in use by 13 cruise companies, operating on close to 100 vessels.

For inquiries please contact info(at)marinexchange.com

New MXP Port Cost Management Module Released | Thursday 30. June 2011

MarineXchange, the leader in enterprise software solutions for the cruise industry, has rolled out the next generation of its Port Cost Management Module

The new Module features numerous new tools have been added to better manage the entire life-cycle of port cost management. This includes budgeting, forecasting and accrual functionality.

“For the first time all aspects of port cost operation can be managed in a single system! Because MXP also manages port agents, ports, and itineraries, all processes are integrated. Being able to benchmark costs through the entire cycle improves the accuracy of budgets and accruals. This module really provides tangible benefits” said Managing Director, Hannes Lindthaler, MarineXchange Software.

Like all modules provided by MXP, labor intensive tasks are fully integrated with the MXP E-Commerce Portal, allowing the port agent to provide estimates and forecast figures.

After a ship has called in a port, the port agent can submit their final invoices online, including uploading the supporting documentation in all common electronic formats.

After invoice approval in MXP, final invoices can be sent to accounts payable.

The MXP Port Cost Module streamlines port cost management in a way never possible before. The Module will fully integrate with MXP’s upcoming Port Agent Portal, schedule for release later in 2011.

The Port Agent Portal will provide port agents with itineraries and vessel properties and will consolidate port bookings, pier confirmations, crew transfers, port service requests, visitor lists, and driver registrations into a single place.

MXP Brochure Accompanies Cruise Industry News Summer Quarterly Magazine | Wednesday 29. June 2011

The 2011 Summer edition of the Cruise Industry News Quarterly Magazine was mailed on June 29 and includes a four page brochure highlighting all of MarineXchange’s available modules.

MarineXchange is the leader in enterprise software solutions for the cruise industry, and through its marketing initiatives with Cruise Industry News, will be able to target key decision makers in the $28.9 billion cruise industry.

The glossy, four-page brochure was printed on premium paper and includes information on MXP’s solutions such as: supply chain management, port cost management, itinerary tools, tours, order taking and meal counts, recruitment and much more.

Commented Managing Director, Hannes Lindthaler, MarineXchange Software: “We always considered Cruise Industry News Quarterly Magazine as an excellent way to communicate our products to cruise industry insiders. This brochure extends this communication and adds additional value to our relationship with Cruise Industry News”

The Quarterly Magazine has a circulation of just under 8,000, and a readership of 40,000. In a recent independent survey following Cruise Shipping Miami, the magazine was ranked as the number one most read publication in the cruise industry.

MarineXchange E-commerce Portal Reaches Milestone | Monday 27. June 2011

MarineXchange, the leader in enterprise software solutions for the cruise industry, has reached a milestone with its supply chain E-commerce Portal.

More than 500,000 documents, totaling six million line items, have been processed since the launch of the Portal.

“This milestone is very exciting for our clients! It shows how well this solutions works for the cruise industry. The on-line collaboration between the cruise lines and their suppliers adds substantial value to the supply chain process.” stated Hannes Lindthaler, managing director, MarineXchange Software.

The MarineXchange E-commerce Portal is a specialized solution for the maritime industry. The Portal is seamlessly integrated into the MXP supply chain management software for processing RFQs, quotes, purchase orders and invoices, while purchase agreements and purchase contracts are currently being added to the E-commerce Portal.  

Despite being feature rich, the Portal is easy to use and vendor participation is over 99 percent. Multiple specifications, like the metric and imperial systems are fully supported, making it easy to obtain quotes from the U.S., Europe and other suppliers around the world.

For RFQs, quotes and purchase orders, vendors can propose alternative specifications and brands. If the quantity is not fully available or if the shipped quantity differs (catch-weight items), vendors can update purchase orders to make the three-way match more accurate. A web API allows vendors to facilitate data exchange with their own systems.

Electronic data exchange available through the portal eliminates manual data entry, reduces input mistakes and provides a full audit trail.